Increase Alumni Engagement Without Adding Staff? Yes, It Is Possible!

Imagine you’re a brand-new VP for Advancement. You arrive on the heels of the most successful campaign in the university’s history with leadership wanting to launch a new campaign in a few years as part of a 150th-anniversary celebration. After your arrival, you discover an annual giving program in steady decline, alumni giving near an … Continue reading Increase Alumni Engagement Without Adding Staff? Yes, It Is Possible!

On Comfy Pants and Building Loyalty

True confession: I have become obsessed with comfy pants. What does this revelation have to do with our work in Advancement? For me, it yielded an “aha” moment about offering thanks and building loyalty. Let me elaborate. As virtual meetings became a more necessary form of communication one year ago this week, and with webcams … Continue reading On Comfy Pants and Building Loyalty


Imagine dreams being fulfilled based on potential, not pocketbooks. Imagine the hungry being fed, the homeless given shelter, and the downtrodden offered hope because of generosity. Imagine teachers fulfilling their professional potential because they have the right resources. Imagine new facilities being built to advance educational instruction, care for the sick, and help the destitute … Continue reading Imagine

Are You Ready?

The great hope for a return to the “old normal” arrived this month in the form of the first COVID-19 vaccines. Frontline medical workers, assisted-living residents, and individuals age 75+ appear to be the first recipients. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the now well-known infectious disease expert, has predicted that enough doses of vaccine will be available … Continue reading Are You Ready?