Addressing Your First World Problem

We’ve faced our share of adversity these last 10 months – some have faced more challenges than others. But usually, when adversity surfaces, a silver lining does as well. What’s the silver lining in our work this year? I submit annual gift support. For those continuing to invite annual support regularly and unapologetically, the response … Continue reading Addressing Your First World Problem



Imagine dreams being fulfilled based on potential, not pocketbooks. Imagine the hungry being fed, the homeless given shelter, and the downtrodden offered hope because of generosity. Imagine teachers fulfilling their professional potential because they have the right resources. Imagine new facilities being built to advance educational instruction, care for the sick, and help the destitute … Continue reading Imagine

Are You Ready?

The great hope for a return to the “old normal” arrived this month in the form of the first COVID-19 vaccines. Frontline medical workers, assisted-living residents, and individuals age 75+ appear to be the first recipients. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the now well-known infectious disease expert, has predicted that enough doses of vaccine will be available … Continue reading Are You Ready?

Found Time

We’ve learned that Advancement work during a pandemic is different. It requires increasingly empathic approaches and more targeted messaging. It calls for greater creativity. And it certainly requires persistence. Something else that’s different about Advancement work right now: found time. That is, there is more of it. Certain constituents aren’t interested in meeting with you … Continue reading Found Time

Press On!

Members of my college fraternity have a tradition when writing to fellow members. At the end of the correspondence, "Pergé" is inserted. It's meaning? Press On! This encouragement feels relevant for the times we're living in, where it's easy to succumb to inaction in hope that clarity will arrive tomorrow. Questions swirl for which we … Continue reading Press On!

Luxury or Necessity?

In the last eight weeks, 36.5 million Americans have lost their jobs. April's unemployment rate registered 14.7 percent. Job loss was roughly double what was experienced during any similar time period in the Great Recession. For those still employed, anxiety abounds as leaders at impacted institutions ponder making difficult decisions on ways to "cut back" … Continue reading Luxury or Necessity?