Next-Level Stewardship: Illustrating Impact

You and your Advancement colleagues are likely good at thanking donors. Experience suggests you send thank you letters within 24-48 hours of receiving gifts, make targeted personal phone calls to offer thanks, send handwritten notes, recognize donors in annual reports, and maybe even gather annually to thank donors in person. But experience also shows you … Continue reading Next-Level Stewardship: Illustrating Impact

Found Time

We’ve learned that Advancement work during a pandemic is different. It requires increasingly empathic approaches and more targeted messaging. It calls for greater creativity. And it certainly requires persistence. Something else that’s different about Advancement work right now: found time. That is, there is more of it. Certain constituents aren’t interested in meeting with you … Continue reading Found Time

Virtual Meetings: 4 Strategies for Greater Involvement

By now, I hope you’re convinced that video meetings are here to stay even beyond the pandemic, you can upgrade your virtual meeting environment and thereby improve the experience for your guests, and you can enhance your chances for securing virtual meetings with the different and creative approaches. Now, what can you do to achieve … Continue reading Virtual Meetings: 4 Strategies for Greater Involvement

Virtual Meetings: 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Experience

Back to the Future debuted the first of its three movies 35 years ago last month, and here’s a fun fact: the movie creators forecasted at least 10 future innovations, including the adoption of tablet computers, flat-screen TVs, facial recognition, smart glasses, and yes…videoconferencing (as shown in the clip above). Although they were a few … Continue reading Virtual Meetings: 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Experience