Annual Giving: 7 Ideas for This Year

Have you finalized your annual giving plan for 2020-2021? Before you do, cross-check it with these seven considerations. Focused Messaging. Annual gift invitations are notoriously vague due to the broad distribution of requests and unrestricted nature of most gifts. The problem is, people are already dealing with too much uncertainty. This year, focus your messaging … Continue reading Annual Giving: 7 Ideas for This Year

Press On!

Members of my college fraternity have a tradition when writing to fellow members. At the end of the correspondence, "Pergé" is inserted. It's meaning? Press On! This encouragement feels relevant for the times we're living in, where it's easy to succumb to inaction in hope that clarity will arrive tomorrow. Questions swirl for which we … Continue reading Press On!

Annual Giving to the Rescue

The one constant since mid-March for Advancement professionals has been disruption. First, we settled into new work-from-home routines and reset our communications, constituent engagement, and gift invitation plans. Now, some are on the brink of office re-openings as June arrives next week. Overall, our work as Advancement professionals still feels very different. How is your … Continue reading Annual Giving to the Rescue

Luxury or Necessity?

In the last eight weeks, 36.5 million Americans have lost their jobs. April's unemployment rate registered 14.7 percent. Job loss was roughly double what was experienced during any similar time period in the Great Recession. For those still employed, anxiety abounds as leaders at impacted institutions ponder making difficult decisions on ways to "cut back" … Continue reading Luxury or Necessity?