Now More Than Ever

The contentious political season is (almost?) officially behind us. And with it, the uncertainty of who might prevail as our President for the next four years has, at the very least, gained clarity.

Now, more than ever, our divided nation needs to be brought together to accomplish common and important ideals.

Now, more than ever, society needs your organization’s mission to thrive. Those whom you serve depend on it.

Now, more than ever, your institution’s vision should be bold, and be boldly communicated to those who can help you move closer to it.

Now, more than ever, we need you – a capable, dedicated Advancement professional – linking donor generosity to organizational mission, vision, and strategy. Experience shows gift amounts are elevated when you do so.

Now, more than ever, we need you illustrating the impact philanthropy has on your institution. Your donors crave this, and they will maintain, if not increase, their support if you help them understand it.

Now, more than ever, your supporters need your outreach. They need to talk about something good. Something within their control that they can help influence.

Now, more than ever, with 51 days left in the year, your organization needs you confidently inviting philanthropic support.

Now, more than ever, your constituents need to hear that philanthropic investment in your institution is needed…now, more than ever.


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