Welcome to my blog!

Since you’ve found my blog, I’m assuming you work in the fantastic field of advancement, as it is designed to be read by those working in various roles of this industry (advancement services, alumni relations, development directors, major gift officers, chief advancement officers, et al).

In this space, I plan to share thoughts that link to one thing: helping you grow your philanthropic support.

My thoughts will be based on my experiences as a consultant for Gonser Gerber LLP, and as an Advancement practitioner just like you. If you’re interested in reading about a particular topic, let me know.  

This is an awesome profession that you and I are privileged to call “work.” What we do is important – it brings joy to donors, and much-needed support to advance the important missions of the organizations we serve.

Additionally, we are called by our employers to not just be good at what we do, but to be great. As we strive for greatness every day in carrying out our important responsibilities, the greater good is advanced. And while our work can improve the bottom line, it does so much more. It transforms the lives of those who partner with us, and those who benefit from our organization’s mission.

I invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow along. If you find you like what you’re reading, please feel free to share it with others. If you want to know more about me, click on the “About Kent” link at the top of the page. You can also follow me on LinkedIn.

Here’s to the good that you help advance as you carry out our greater calling!


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